Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a difference a year makes

That's what I said to my boyfriend this past weekend when he showed me photos he just got developed from an old camera. The pics were from February 2009 and were of me dressed for our Valentine's Day dinner.

Goodness. Thin face. Thinner arms. Wearing a dress I can't imagine wearing today. In less than a year, I had managed to gain 30-some pounds. It happened so fast. And it frustrates me so much.

Yesterday, my tight jeans were as tight as ever, so much that I couldn't wear them.

Maybe I should stop procrastinating by writing this blog entry and actually get outside for my run....


  1. Tight jeans are a blessing: Wear them until they're loose, then go out and buy a new pair of tight jeans. You should post the pretty picture!

  2. He took the picture with an old-fashioned camera so I don't have the digital image! And my scanner is broken...