Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting some advice from an old friend

That old friend? The 2003 Diana.

With my frustration growing as I don't feel like I've lost anything and all my clothes still feel tight, I decided to look back at my original Weight Watch diary to see how I felt in Week 3. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I FELT EXACTLY THE SAME WAY I FEEL TODAY.

Published: 02/25/2003
I was foolish this week.

I thought I had lost more weight than I had – then fell into a bit of a depression when I pulled out of my closet (and tried on) a brown blazer I hadn’t been able to button for about a year. Urrrrg! I still was far from fitting inside the bugger. I threw it to the floor (though I stopped myself from jumping up and down on it).

People keep asking me if I feel any different, if my clothes feel any better, but I haven’t been able to tell. While the dieting has gone very well (in three weeks, I’ve yet to eat more than I’m allotted), exercise is key and I haven’t been as good in that area.

Funny, huh? I have to remember that eventually the weight did drop. Eventually, that brown blazer became too big for me. Eventually, I got that body into a size 12. I've just got to keep at it and remember that it's going to take time.

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