Monday, January 18, 2010


Yesterday I re-discovered that dedication to running I haven't had for months. Proof? I walked/ran two hours in a steady rain and 41 degree temps. Yes, it took me two hours to cover 8 miles. But in addition to re-discovering my dedication, I re-discovered my horrible shin pain.

So I didn't push it. But I still do worry a little about injuring myself to the point of being out of the game, and I can't do that. In the past, being out of running for months has made me gain incredible amounts of weight. And I've already just done that. Why, you ask, don't I just do some other form of exercise? I try and I've tried. It's just I'm more apt to do the exercises that I enjoy, and I enjoy running. I've got to work on my shin strengthening/flexing exercises, rest a bit and hope for the best. Oh, and keep with my healthful eating routine.

Which has gone well! Tomorrow will be two weeks, and that's incredible for me. Eating in D.C. was just fine. I packed some nice snacks and the only meal we ate out, I chose a gnocchi with vegetable sauce -- the sauce was literally hunks of tomato, squash and zucchini and was wonderful. I did splurge a bit and had a chai tea, but I still think I came in within my points allocation. We had skipped lunch (or I guess it was breakfast...I didn't finish my run until noon).

It was hard, though. The restaurant we ate at is quite good, and I wanted the traditional turkey burger and fries with a side of cranberry/walnut muffin. But I'm glad I chose well (at least I hope I chose well).

Hungry now, so I need some oatmeal before hitting the road to go home.

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