Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random thoughts

While I'm a little scared about what Tuesday's weigh-in will show, it won't be because I've slipped. It feels so good to have gone almost a month without eating a forbidden food. But I did have yet another food dream last night...this one involved me buying Girl Scout cookies and, again, thinking, "What about the streak I'm on? Oh forget it!"

I admit it has been a little hard eating well while being snowed-in. Not that I could eat bad...I don't have anything bad in the house. But volume does worry me a little. I've managed to be just fine, though, and I always go to bed when I feel like I'm about to venture into the kitchen after all my calories have been used up.

Unfortunately, I didn't exercise today. I was going to try to run/walk, but the ice is making it too hazardous.

A funny side-note to dieting: I was balancing my checkbook today and noticed I have the same five-dollar bill in my wallet I've had all week. With the exception of my Saturday Subway lunches (minus this week b/c it was closed due to snow), I haven't been spending cash at all. I used to have to stop at the ATM pretty regularly after spending all my cash buying snacks at Walgreens after my shift ended at midnight or buying a snack from the vending machine at work, etc. It's nice to see that the lack of spontaneous eating has saved me some money.

I thought maybe my face looked thinner today, but it could just be that my hair looked bigger....

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